Lab Members

PhD Students

Burhaneddin Yaman

Burhan photo

Burhan is working on machine learning & MRI reconstruction, with a focus on self-supervised learning, algorithm unrolling, and tensor decompositions.



Chi Zhang

Chi Zhang

Chi is working on image processing for MRI, with a focus on deep learning reconstruction and non-Cartesian imaging.


Hongyi Gu


Hongyi is working on learning deep linear neural networks.

Merve Gulle


Merve is working on image reconstruction for accelerated MRI.

Omer Burak Demirel

Omer photo

Burak is working on signal and image processing for MRI, with a focus on simultaneous multi-slice imaging, deep learning reconstruction and accelerated imaging.


Toygan Kilic


Toygan is working on developing machine learning techniques for pulse design in high field MR systems.