Mehmet Akçakaya

Jim and Sara Anderson Associate Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Center for Magnetic Resonance Research 
University of Minnesota


Email: akcakaya AT umn DOT edu


Mehmet Akçakaya was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He went to Robert College for high school, moved to Montreal for undergraduate studies at McGill University, where he graduated with great distinction and Charles Michael Morssen Gold Medal. He got his PhD degree in May 2010 under the supervision of Professor Vahid Tarokh in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), Harvard University. Prior to joining the University of Minnesota, he was a post-doctoral fellow at BIDMC CMR Center between 2010-12, and an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School between 2012-15.

Mehmet Akcakaya

He is the recipient of an NIH K99/R00 award (2012/15 respectively), an NSF CAREER award (2017), a McKnight Land-Grant professorship (2018), the Guillermo E. Borja Award (2020), an NIH NIBIB Trailblazer Award (2020) and an NIH R01 Award (2020).